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» Vision into Action « August 31, 2018
Technology (icT)
SV supports Information and Communications Technology (icT) innovation which is essential for and improving and enhancing Sierra Leone’s IT infrastructure and telecommunication systems. Sierra Leone’s ability to make technological advances will strengthen the country, and serve to enhance local, regional, and global communications. 

Current Program:
In partnership with the Internet Society ( and Telecommunications partners Accespoint Africa and LE Group, SV built Sierra Leone's 1st Digital Village (DV) in early 2008. This includes various mini cyber cafs, eLearning, and a Research and Development centers within existing institutions of learning. DVs are essential to improve Sierra Leone’s IT infrastructure. The DVs provide a variety of relevant materials and resources from which the population could use to establish and enhance the technological infrastructure in the country. Sierra Leone’s ability to make technological advances will strengthen and improve the economic climate of the country.

This program includes:
 TR'SURE Workshops/Seminars/Distance Learning:
Deliver training, internships with a focus on ICT topics such as: Introduction to Computers; Microsoft Office; Internet Concepts, etc.; How to Begin an IT Career
 EXCEL, SV Lit Circles, etc. :
Provide educational and technological materials from other SV initiatives, including the educaTion and youTh initiatives/programs
 Job/Career Fairs:
Participate in local IT Recruitment/Career fairs featuring Sierra Leonean companies seeking to hire IT Professionals, Colleges/Vocational with IT internships
 Cybercafe with 24 x 7 Internet Access (FREE to all students with Valid IDs):
Allows students, teachers, and other Sierra Leoneans to browse the web, learn basic internet/networkin standards, and register for future programs via the Sierra Visions website
 Networking Academy:
Combining instructor-led, online education with hands-on laboratory exercises, the Networking Academy curriculum prepares students for lifelong opportunities in the real world. Cisco and Sierra Visions propose the expansion of the program in Sierra Leone to include 4 new Academies (one in each Region) that will teach the IT Essentials and CCNA curricula by the end of 2010.

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